Velocity Brothers



Course Info: We have nine courses, all of which have specific features. The nearest courses to the check-in area are town, park, and school. These three, as well as scrap yard, are recommended for beginners. They have less open space and are much easier to navigate than the others. The other five: airport, maze, forest, mall, and boat are recommended for more experienced players. These courses are larger, they are farther from the check-in, they are harder to navigate and they have more open space. Our special course is the boat course. It's a massive artificial lake with 10 boats. Each boat can hold at least 4 people, but some can hold more. Every boat holds specific guns attached to it. There is also a small island in the center that is stocked with grenades. The airport is our other special course. It's the largest as it also has an outdoor area with fake planes. It's actually a model of a specific real airport located just five miles away. Every course has a graveyard.The graveyard is located on the edge of the course. It's the place you go after you've been shot. You wait in the graveyard until the game is over and the game managers tell you it's safe to leave.