Velocity Brothers

Equipment& Safety

Will as a weapons designer for the military not only designs the highest-quality guns, but he also designs the safest and highest-quality protective equipment. This decreases the amount of injurys but increases the awesome time you'll have. Equipment We have masks that come in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) so that you don't have to go through the trouble of continuously adjusting the strap. The clear plastic eye area of the mask is designed to stay clean so you don't get blinded by all the smudges on it. We also offer helmets for kids ages 10 & under to protect their entire head. Snorkelling equipment for the boatyard allows you to travel underwater where you're safe from enemy fire.

Rules Before playing any games you must go to the Briefing Room. This is where they explain all the gaming rules. They will give you a wristband which will allow you to play. Basic Gaming Rules Before you head to the courses, make sure to meet up with your game manager and follow him/her Once you enter the course area make sure to have your gun on safe mode and your gun cover over the barrel. Also, make sure to have your mask on at all times. Meet in the graveyard with your manager so he will choose the teams (if you're in a b-day package you have a specific course to yourself and you can choose teams). Follow your team to your flag where you wait for the game to start. The manager will anounce for you to remove the barrell covers and turn safe-mode off. Then, test shoot your gun to make sure it works and the manager will yell start. If you're hit and the paintball explodes, raise your gun and walk to the edge of the arena to the graveyard. If you're to shoot someone repeatedly after they've been hit you will be eliminated. You're allowed to surrender if someone is about to shoot you point blank. Once you surrender, you're out and you'll walk to the graveyard. You can take masks off in the graveyard. Once the game ends, you may reload your gun with the maximum amount of paintballs. Wait and follow your manager out of the graveyard to your next location.

Our classic semi-auto gun weighs only 3.5 pounds allowing for more agility and accuracy. It can hold a maximum of 75 paintballs allowing for fewer reloads. It shoots up to 250 mph completely straight We also feature a berreta PX4 storm model gun which is a semi-auto pistol. It weighs only 1 pound and shoots extremely accurately. It can hold 40 paintballsOur special gun is a mk46 SAW model. One of these is attached to every boat in the boat-yard. It is full-auto and it can hold up to 100 paintballs. It can shoot up to 275 mph with less accuracy.